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Web Content

A website needs to have an immediate impact on the reader and this also applies to the written content. It should be exciting to read whilst maintaining a professional feel. I can make the written content of your site stand out from the rest.

Speech Writing

As an active member of the Toastmasters Organisation, I’m an experienced public speaker and have written numerous speeches covering a wide range of interesting topics including factual, inspirational and persuasive.I can write speeches for any occasion including business presentations, after dinner talks, general presentations, even wedding/best man speeches.  All I would need from you is the facts and figures. I can then tailor this information to write a speech that will really engage your audience.


As a self-confessed lover of facts and quest for knowledge, I have written an array of factual articles covering self-improvement, travel, science, psychology and music. Rest assured I research my topics well and can always find a happy medium in order to make the piece entertaining as well as educational for the reader.

Press Releases

I can write an engaging press release for you or your business, with a message that is clear, concise and to the point. Perhaps you need to market a new business, promote an event or spread the word to your fans about a latest record release. With press releases it’s about using words and sentences in a creative way to communicate your message succinctly.

Music Journalism

Last but not least is writing music reviews and interviews. Over the past few years I have written articles on a broad cross section of musicians and DJs; many are well known figures within the music industry. I specialise in dance music but I am more than capable of covering other music genres. My knowledge of the industry comes from being a music producer and DJ for many years. If you would like to know more about that side of me, please visit

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